Together We CAN make a difference!

I have always felt more comfortable and more understood by animals. It's a special connection and mutual respect that is indescribable. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

My art can help causes I believe in and I am passionate about the welfare of animals. I am donating a percentage of my art proceeds to organizations that make a difference. 

20% of prints sold and 10% of original artwork sold will go towards a charity of the following organizations:

♥  Love Always Equine Sanctuary

♥  Hope Before Heaven

Lakeview Animal Sanctuary

Asha's Farm Sanctuary

Wolcottsville Wildlife

Buffalo CARES Animal Rescue


Depending on the type of animal in the artwork, I will donate the proceeds to the matching charity. For example, if you purchase a print of "Buffalo Chill", 20% of that purchase will go to either Lakeview Animal Sanctuary or Wollcottsville Wildlife (you will choose) as they provide care to wild animals.  

On each product, I will have the charity listed so you can see where your purchase percentage is going. If there is more than one charity working with the same type of animals, you will be able to select the charity you want. Monthly or quarterly, depending on the amount sold, I will donate a check to that organization.

If you would like to request an organization or would like more information, please email me at


Susan $2.00