Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mental health, always a fun topic! Not really.

I've talked about this before, I have been on medication for about 13 years to help me control the anxiety and obsessive compulsive issues that I experience. The meds are great! They definitely take the edge off for me most of the time, but they don't make it disappear completely. 

Just to clear things up, the OCD for me is not washing my hands 100 times or flipping a light switch on and off a certain amount of times. For me, it manifests in my thoughts. I go into a loop of thoughts, oftentimes not healthy thoughts, and I can't seem to get out of the loop, like a broken record. Those thoughts will lead to self-doubt, sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. and can lead to feeling physically sick. It used to be much worse, now it is controlled, however, I still experience it at times. 

Our family has been through some changes these last few months, and while my business is holding her own, it has definitely slowed down, which is stressful. I've also experienced a couple of "people/friend" issues that are completely out of my control, and I'm coming up on a difficult anniversary date. I have many exciting events happening too that I'm completely looking forward to, however they only feed my anxious energy. All of these things have pushed me into a loop and I'm struggling a bit to get out.

I know everything will work out. I've been down this road many times and I will go through it many more times, that's life. 

So, why am I telling you this? 

Because I want you to know that I get it. I see you. That person who is struggling, is sad, is anxious...

Here's my virtual hug to you. You are loved and it will get better. 



  • I purchased the chicken sign. It is absolutely beautiful. You do amazing work. I’ve also purchased portraits of my fur babies. I am so glad and lucky to have found you to draw these amazing portraits and pictures.

    Susan Killion
  • Nikki, You are an exceptional person. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your life experiences and to continuing dispelling the myths and stereotypes about illness/conditions affecting our brains and body physiologies. Your artworks are amazing. So honored to know you!

    Carol M
  • Hi Nikki. I worked in the MH field in Buffalo – “It takes one to know one” ( on my office door”) for eight years.

    It’s depression for me. I’ve taken meds for years.

    As you know, I lost my husband Dick a couple of years ago. Working through my grief has been a struggle. But I believe I’m almost done with grief work! Life is lightening up.

    Art has been for me, as I know it has been for you, a vehicle for working through life issues ( as well as being a joy in and of itself.

    Glad to be here with you today. You go, Woman!

    Bonnie Davis

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