Fly Me to the Moon

Well this is unusual, two blog posts back to back. This will not be the norm but I was feeling reminiscent this morning. 

"Fly Me to the Moon" is a drawing I completed last July. It has several hidden gems in it and a lot of meaning behind each one, but my favorite part of the drawing is the moon.

You'll see the moon pop up in several of my drawings because it has a very special place in my heart.

When I was young, I looked for the moon at night, almost every night. I believed that he was there for me, I mean come on, every where I went, he was there! 🙂 If I was visiting my grandma in PA, he was there. If I was camping with my parents, he was there. It didn't matter where I was, there he was, shining bright. He was a reliable light in my protector, my constant.

And no, I didn't talk to him, I'm not sure why because in my world every inanimate object had a personality and feelings. I remember how sad I was when we had to get rid of the family car, but that's another post for a different day. 

To this day, I look for Mr. Moon in the night sky, especially on days when I'm feeling vulnerable and raw.

How about you? Did you have a special connection with someone or something when you were a child?

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