I met a horse named Jack

(Above, is Bessie, not Jack)

When I was younger, I met a horse. His name was Jack. I was shorter then, if you can believe that I was indeed, even shorter than I am today, so I stood below Jack's eyes. 

Jack was a rescue. He had lived a terrible life. He was beaten and starved. He was unloved for the majority of his life, just viewed as an object or tool for hard labor, completely disregarded and forgotten.

Take a minute and let that sink in. The only touch you experience is pain, you are left in extreme temperatures, alone and hungry, you are yelled at constantly and shown no compassion at all.

Yet, I recall how tender and gentle Jack was towards me. He would gently nudge you to show his affection for you. I remember looking into his eyes and I could see his past pain, but I could also see forgiveness and gratitude. He knew he was in a better place, where he was cared for and loved. I felt happy for Jack. 

I was young and hadn't had the idea yet to photograph, draw, and share Jack's story but he stays with me, in a special place in my heart. 

Sometimes, I think Jack sneaks into the eyes of some of the beautiful horses I've drawn. He shares a little space with them, among thier stories of heartache and happiness.

Take a journey with me and experience this special awareness and hear Bessie's story. A tragic yet trimphant story that will stay with you, living in your heart for a lifetime.

 Powerful Portraits Retreat: Storytelling in Colored Pencil 

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