Letting go to move forward

Sometimes, you have to let go. It can be as simple as throwing out the pile of papers on your desk or as difficult as distancing yourself from someone that isn't good for you. 

It's hard to let go. You have good reasons for hanging on to something;  you might need it someday, someone else might need it someday, or you're going to finish it someday!

The problem comes when our stuff or our poor relationships start to become more than we can manage. And it's not just the physical manifestations but the mental heaviness it can cause. When we have too much stuff, we have to organize and manage it. We have to store it.

There isn't any room to breathe. You don't have the capacity to surround yourself with what really matters to you. 

It's not just clutter in your space, it's clutter in your mind. 

Let go of the guilt and shame of too much stuff. Sever the relationships with social vampires, even if it's family.

Or, tear up and burn unfinished artwork.

Release what is no longer serving you so you can breathe again and move forward.


Are you a collector or a purger?

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