Pockets of Space

As much as I love my studio, the idea of being confined to that one space all the time makes me cringe. 
I like, no, I need, pockets of space, within my home where were I can be creative.  
This drives my family crazy.
"Honey, you have a studio. Why are there two other drawing desks in the main living areas? Your stuff is everywhere."
They are right, my stuff is everywhere. If I lived alone, my entire home would be an art studio. Just one open, lofty space where I would create art, and maybe, make meals or entertain, but probably not. I would have huge murals painted on every wall and the only decor would be art materials, plants, and artwork created by my friends and strangers. 
I try my best to keep my "mini-studio" areas within the main house neat and tidy, but it's not always the case. Oftentimes, they become bursts of messiness, beautiful disasters that reside alongside the unfolded laundry and unwashed dishes.
Last night, I tidied up. It was time to wrap up the debris and contain the explosion so that I can begin making another colorful mess.

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