What happened to me?

I used to go to clubs and walk around the mall shopping, and I would never leave my house without hair and make up on. I used to have wild parties that rocked into the wee hours of the morning, on a week night no less, and somehow I still got up in time to go to work the next day.

I used to worry about what people thought about me, you know, do I look hip? am I saying the right things? do I fit in?

I used to be busy cleaning my house and decorating it just right, and please...call ahead before coming over so I can "tidy up".


Well now, I wear comfortable clothes that rarely match. I'm in bed by 9:30 and up by 5 am, and sometimes, I turn the radio off in the car while I'm driving so I can listen to...silence.

You can often find me with a messy up do and very little make up on or none at all, and probably with paint or pastel on my hands and face.

My house is often messy and lived in, but always open and welcoming to anyone at anytime.

I still enjoy a good time with family and friends, but it is more low key, perhaps a fire in the backyard with my dogs close by, or brunch at our favorite restaurant.

Now, I worry if my chickens like me, not people, and I walk around in mismatched socks and sandals with feathers stuck to my shoes.

Am I getting old? 

Nah, just seasoned, like a fine wine.

Today I'm at my best, and tomorrow? Tomorrow I will be even better.

Welcome to my blog

Where I will write about art, farm animals, and my life struggles and triumphs.


  • I really enjoyed where I am blog and one about anxiety. I don’t wear makeup daily and it sure does save alot of time getting ready for the day. I put on a smile and a grateful attitude for the day, comb my hair & brush my teeth and that is all I need. I throw on a comfortable dress and sandals & off I go. Who cares is my question. This is what works for me. Thank you for being so transparent about anxiety and OCD. It is time to stop the stigma related to Mental health issues. I think we all have them. Some just refuse to acknowledge them or are embarrassed but if you had a broken arm, I believe you would see a doctor. But because we cannot see our mental health issues some will not get help. Sometimes we have to see what works for each of us so we can feel better. Thanks alot for sharing and I look forward to your blogs. Hugs, love, & peace.😊💜✌

    Wendy Roth
  • hey,looking forward to your blog

    Mary ann

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