Exclusive pieces of Art shipped directly to you!

What if you knew that every quarter an exclusive piece of artwork was going to be created JUST FOR YOU?
Adding new pieces of fun art to your home is just the start!
It's better than that - because this art is being created ONLY for YOU!

That's right!
These pieces will NOT be for sale to the general public!

There are very LIMITED spots available so you should sign up NOW!
-4 Limited Edition prints will be sent to you on a quarterly basis for one year
-A handwritten letter from me explaining the theme and idea behind each piece of artwork.
-A chance at receiving the conceptual sketches for the finished artwork (randomly selected)
-Each Art Print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
and so much more
Giclee Prints are 8x10 in size and printed on museum quality fine art paper.
Billing is done quarterly at $29.50/mthly, $80/Qrtly, or PAY In FULL to save at just $300 billed annually.
Upon sign up you will receive your welcome letter. Your first piece of artwork will be mailed to you shortly after. The next piece in the series will be mailed out the week of January 15th 2021.

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"Ghost Stories" will be mailed for FREE immediately upon sign up! 
"Helping Hands"
I can share this with you now that all of my subscribers have received their first print and handwritten letter.

The response I received was beautiful and overwhelming. Phone calls, messages, and email filled with emotion and love.

Thank you! Thank you for being a part of this inspiring project. Thank you for reaching out to me and sharing with me your deepest feelings in response to your gift. Thank you for sharing in my most intimate thoughts and feelings. ❤️

Here's an excerpt from the letter I wrote:

"Society throws around the phrase “be kind” however how often do we actually act on it? It is easy to say “be kind”. It is easy to “be kind” when we are in a good mood or someone has the same opinion, but what do we actually DO in moments of anger, embarrassment, or sadness? Do we show kindness? Do we extend an olive branch?

It is in true spirit to be kind when we can show love and compassion ALWAYS and to EVERYONE, even if they aren’t the same color, species, political affiliation, religion, race, or class."

I mean it when I say this is a piece of me. It is a project from my heart to yours, delivered in a gift envelope. I really cannot thank you enough for joining me.