Why not just snap a photo?

A photo is fleeting.

The portrait an artist creates is intimate.

Every feature and nuance is accounted for: freckles, scars, wrinkles, color variation is studied and drawn. There is movement and grace that can be seen with each stroke. A relationship is happening between the subject, the artist, and her tools.

A photograph captures light; a portrait captures the soul.

Thank you for your interest in a portrait. You are purchasing a one-of-a-kind work of art. I will create a beautiful portrait that you will love and treasure.


Portrait pricing depends on size. Every portrait is unique and requires time to get the details and character of your pet.

** It's so important to me to give you my absolute best work!

I will be dedicating 4 months to each commission. This will give me the time to work closely with you to create a version of your pet/animal that will be beautiful and unique to your loved one and their personality, as well as your home's interior.

**Your art piece will be done at a large scale

Each commission created this year will START at a 12x16 size or larger. This will give your piece far more detail and depth. I will be able to really focus on the eyes which are the gateways to the soul of each animal.

**Your piece will be framed and matted and gifted to you.

I will work with you to select a matte and frame that will enhance and beautifully display your art. It will be professionally framed and ready to display or give as a gift upon delivery.

**Each piece will be created in my style. 

Every piece will have a watercolor background (unless stated otherwise) and a watercolor underpainting accented with bright beautiful color details rendered in colored pencil over the top of your painting. By doing it this way, you will receive a rich and bold portrait. If you decide you prefer to have just a watercolor painting of your pet, that's fine too.

Prices start at $1500 for 12x16 size

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 is required to begin your project, with the balance due upon completion. You are welcome to work out payment arrangements with me.

Calendar spots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. By placing a deposit, you are reserving your spot on my 2022 commission calendar. 

I have one opening in September left on my 2022 commission calendar. 

Contact me through the form below or by email at nicole@nikkimdesign.com to be added to my wait-list for 2023.

POLICY: If you are not able to send me pictures by or within a few days of your begin date I will need to reschedule your portrait for another date. My calendar books approximately 6-12 months in advance so that might mean having a new begin date at a much later time in the year. Thank you for understanding!

Check out FAQs page here for more info.